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Naz&Court has been named "The Future" of fashion by United Nations Fashion Fights Poverty.

Aware of the impact today has on the future, Naz Harounian and Courtney Barriger are taking initiative to create new modern classic apparel with unparalleled dedication to sustainable sourcing and ethical manufacturing.

Presently, the garment industry is saturated with synthetic fossil fuel fibers and chemically treated organic materials that are processed in facilities that shed harmful waste into the environment, contributing to carbon pollution, biohazardous waste and disease.

N&C fabrics are cutting edge technology married with old-world craftsmanship, bringing the movement to protect our planet into everyday new modern classic clothing.

Taking their commitment one step further, N&C have created the self-funded grassroots educational movement What’s on Your Back? The program is designed to inform youth about impact the clothes they wear has on the environment. When you purchase Naz&Court you are giving back and paying it forward.